Message from the President

Greetings, SCST!
The annual meeting in Portland, Oregon is fast approaching.  For quick access, follow this link, . Details of the meeting are on the selected tabs and a meeting agenda is available at the bottom of the main webpage. You can easily click to register then pay by credit card or money order. Sign up for the field trip is limited due to restrictions at the dinner site, so make sure to reserve your spot as soon as possible.
Your membership invoice statements have been sent out by ACM, our financial services firm. It is very important that you note emails from Kristen Albers, of ACM. These emails have the subject ‘You have an invoice from Society of Commercial Seed Technologists, Inc’ and have your individual invoice attached. Reminders for payment are automated, so please expect another email sometime after April 8th if you have not yet paid your invoice.
This is a reminder again for those planning to take the CGT, CPT, CVT, RGT or RST examination for the upcoming year.  The changes to the constitution and bylaws that occurred in January 2015, whereby an applicant for Registered or Certified Membership must be an associate member for 2 years prior to taking the examination, will take effect in January 2017. Those members in your lab who are planning to take the exam need to sign up for associate membership now.
The Vigor Committee is looking for committee members at this time. This is your opportunity as an SCST member to participate in and learn the workings of this important committee. Your willingness to volunteer is important to the growth of the organization. Please contact our executive director at or contact Mike Stahr at if you are interested.
The next (and probably final) SCST board meeting prior to the annual meeting is scheduled for April 6, 2016. A schedule of the upcoming board meetings for June 2016 to May 2017 will once again be posted on our Twitter feed once these dates are established.
Please continue to check out SCST on our homepage, Facebook and Twitter.  Feel free to email or text 202-870-2412 with any photos of your work or seed related events so we can post them.
Happy Seed Testing,   
Barbara L. Cleave
2017 Annual Meeting Seed Technology Journal