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Mentoring Program- General Information
Mentoring Program Documents:
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Mentoring Program


  • Promote professionalism and education
  • Develop competencies and skill sets of our members
  • Improve “passing” levels for RST, RGT,CVT AND CGT test candidates
  • Encourage a “mentoring culture” within our organizations

 Desired Outcomes

  • Provide structure, support, and resources needed to encourage and sustain mentoring relationships
  • Assist members to develop the competencies and skills necessary to successfully obtain their professional accreditation

 Mentoring Program Structure

  • Solicit AOSA/SCST members to be mentors
  • Offer AOSA/SCST test candidates the option to participate in a mentoring program during exam preparation
  • Collect pertinent information from Mentor and Mentee to facilitate matching
  • Match Mentor and Mentee

 Mentoring Program Structure

  • The participants sign a “contract” establishing specific learning goals and timetable
  • Provide mentors with available resources and additional member contacts
  • Give a short training presentation to mentors and mentees separately before they start program

Process - Mentors

  • Determine areas of mentoring expertise
  • Identify own mentoring goals
  • Be responsive to efforts by mentees to establish relationships
  • Meet at least monthly to mentor
  • Help to evaluate the mentoring initiative

Process - Mentees

  • Identify learning goals
  • Identify potential mentors
  • Initiate contacts
  • Establish mentoring relationships
  • Meet at least monthly with mentor
  • Help to evaluate mentoring initiative

Establishing the mentoring relationship

  • Identify learning goals (both mentors and mentees)
  • Mentees drive the process of establishing a mentoring relationship
  • Mentors promote mentoring environment and relationships
  • Participants build the relationship through regular mentoring meetings
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