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Quality Assurance Online Resources:
The committee has reviewed several websites with varying degrees of information on how to write a quality assurance manual.  Some sites provide free information, while others offer a service or publication at a fee.  A brief description of each of the sites is provided for guidance in setting up a quality manual.

  • Provides a gallery of Quality Manuals with examples to learn from
  • AIMS Research Center Quality Manual is a good example of a complex quality system
  • The Quality Manual from Circuit Board Express is a good example of a generic document outlining how the company complies with requirements
  • The IBM Haifa Research Lab Quality Manual is an example of an organization that is addressing software development concerns

  • Free samples are available via e-mail, that will include valuable information on how develop a policies and procedures program along with representative procedures that illustrate the writing style and format used in all of their manuals available for purchase

  • Offers for purchase, a 1,200 page manual that contains over 300 prewritten policies and procedures along with 200 sample reports, forms, checklists, exhibits, and job descriptions
  • Provides several helpful links to other sites

  • Offers for purchase, comprehensive policies and procedures books for creating a procedure manual.  These self-help books focus on setting up the framework for a complete system of policy and procedure documents, and may eliminate your need for a consultant
  • Provides links to actual policy and procedure manuals

  • Offers for purchase, Quality Manuals for Quality Management with templates for writing Quality Policies and Procedures Manuals

The Rank-Rite Quality Management Package was developed so any company can efficiently develop its own policies and procedures manuals from proven documentation. Provides a standardized, user friendly format.

  • Publications with samples of manuals and key supporting procedures can show you how to develop a Quality Manual without hiring a consultant.
  • Provides many useful organization links, including one to ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

  • Translates 17 quality standards into plain English
  • Over 90% of the material is free of charge
  • Some of the topics discussed include:
How to Develop a Quality System that complies with ISO 9001 2000
ISO 9001 2000 Internal Audit Program
Auditing Standards
Quality Manual Guide
Quality Improvement
ISO 9000 Resources
Directory of ISO 9000 Consultants
ISO 9001 2000 Translated into Plain English
Plain English Overview of ISO 9001 2000


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