Honorary Members

Honorary Members are individuals who have rendered exceptional service in one or more activities of the Society. 

1948   *Helen Peebles, McCullough Seed Co., Cincinnati, OH

1949   *Wilbur Wright, Dominion Laboratory, Ottawa, ON

1950   *Emma Sirrene, USDA, Washington, DC

1951   *F.H. Hillman, USDA, Washington, DC

1952   *Reginna Schulte, USDA, Washington DC

1953   *Louisa Jenson, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

1954   *Albina Musil, USDA, Hopkins, MN

1955   *George Elliot, Dominion Laboratory, Ottawa, ON

1957   *Eben Toole, Agr. Marketing Sv, PPI, Washington, DC

1958   *Altice Carter, Seed Contr., Purdue Univ., Lafayette, IN

1960   *Walter Davidson, AMS, USDA, Washington, DC

1961   *Duane Isley, Iowa State University, Ames, IA

1962   *Bower Forward, Dept. of Ag., Toronto, ON

1963   Oren Justice, FCAP Research, USDA, Hyattsville, MD

1964   Leroy Everson, Iowa State University, Ames, IA

1966   *Merle Pierpoint, Federal State Lab, Corvallis, OR

1967   *Pauline Balbach, IN State Seed Lab., Lafayette, IN

1968   R.P. Moore, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

1969   *L.N. Bass, Mat. Seed Storage Lab., Ft. Collins, CO

1970   Vera Colby, Federal Seed Lab., USDA, Sacramento, CA

1971   Ed Hardin, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

1972   Willard Crosier, State Ag. Exp. Station, Geneva, NY

1973   David Syme, Sr. Anchor Paper Co., St Paul, MN

1974   L.C. Schnberger, IN State Seed Lab., Lafayette, IN

1975   *Preston King, Northrup King & Co., Minneapolis, MN

1976   E.W. Sundermeyer, NSTSL, USDA, Beltsville, MD

1977   Elizabeth Wiseman, NSTSL, USDA, Beltsville, MD

1978   Bonnie Jenkins, Iowa State University, Ames, IA

1979   James DeLouche, Seed Tech. Lab., Mississippi State, MS

1980   *James Harrington, University of California, Davis, CA

1981   *B.E. Clark, NY State Ag. Exp. Station, Geneva, NY

1982   Jeanetta Leveque, Federal Seed Lab, USDA, Montgomery, AL

1983   Arne Wold, State Seed Testing Station, AS-NLH, Norway

1984   Bill Dale, Agriculture Canada, Saskatoon, SK

1985   Wendell Ditmar, Dept. of Ag., Harrisburg, PA

1986   No award presented

1987   Carleton Hanson, MN Crop Improvement Ass'n. St. Paul, MN

1988   Miller McDonald, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

1989   Arnold Larsen, Colorado State Seed Lab., Ft. Collins, CO

1990   Ellen Chirco, NY State Seed Lab., Geneva, NY

1991   Jim Bruce, Colorado State Seed Lab., Ft. Collins, CO

1992   A.B. Ednie., Agriculture Canada, Ottawa, ON

1993   Don Ator, Texas Seed Trade Association, Pflugerville, TX

1994   Al Hoffman, Hoffman Manufacturing, Albany, OR

1995   *Al Stults, Stults Engineering Springfield, IL

1996   Paul Hall retired Wyoming State Seed Lab.

1997   Doris Baxter retired, CA Dept of Agriculture, Sacramento, CA

1998   Roger Danielson retired Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

1999   Greg Lowry, AOSCA, Boise, ID

2000   Bob Gunn  

2001   Doug Ashton, CFIA, Ottawa, CANADA

2002   Harold Laswell, Seed Regulatory and Testing Branch, Gastonia, NC

2003   Susan Maxon, Seed Regulatory and Testing Branch, Gastonia, NC

2004   Heda Lambert, retired Cal/West, Davis, CA.

2005   Ken Allison, Canadian Food Insp. Agency, Ottawa, CANADA

2006   No award presented

2007   No award presented

2008   Dennis TeKrony, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

2009  Joseph Garvey, Pennsylvania State Seed Lab, Harrisburg, PA

2010   David Buckingham, Kentucky State Seed Regulatory Services, Lexington, KY

2011 Dr. Richard Payne, USDA-AMS, SRTD, Gastonia, NC

2012 Perry Bohn, USDA-AMS, SRTB, Gastonia, NC

2013 Joanne Hinke, CFIA, Saskatoon, Canada

2014 No award presented

2015 Alan Galbraith, Indiana Crop Improvement Association, Lafayette, IN

2017 Annual Meeting Seed Technology Journal