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Internet Resources for Genetic Technologists

The Library of Crop Technology Lesson Modules:
The modules present unbiased, research-based information focused on plant genetics, genetic engineering, and biochemistry. These lessons are composed of text enhanced with images, animations, a hyper-linked glossary and quizzes. 
**** Access to the lessons is open, however you do need to login to take the quizzes.  Please contact Anita Hall for login information:

Molecular Genetics Resources:
DNA 101
Central Dogma of Biology: Classic View
Central Dogma of Molecular Biology
Plant Breeding
The Seed
Statistical Tools for Seed Testing
Exam Information
Glossary of Biotechnology Terms

Genetic Testing Super Workshop 2016:
2016 Electrophoresis Workshop Agenda
Agarose Gel 2016 EL WS
Capillary EL 2016 EL WS
ELBasics 2016 EL WS
IEF Talk 2016 EL WS

Herbicide Bioassay
Accreditation n Resources
Canola and Alfalfa HB
Developing an Herbicide BioAssay 2016 HB WS
HB Sunflower 2016 HB WS
How Hebicides Work 2016
How Hebicides Work 2016 HB WS
Post Emergent Spray Samples 2016 HB WS
Solution Preparation 2016 HB WS
Substrate Imbibition 2016 HB WS
Verification by Alternative Methods 2016 HB WS

2016 Immunoassay Workshop Agenda
ELISA Basics 2016 Immuno WS
Intro to Immunoassay 2016 Immuno WS
Qualitative Dual Trait Testing 2016 Immuno WS
SmartStax Testing with Lateral Flow Strip 2016 Immuno WS

Molecular Biology
2016 Molecular Biology Workshop Agenda
Corn Breeding 2016 MB WS
Mitosis and Meiosis 2016 MB WS
MolecularMarkers 2016 MB WS
RGT Certification Process
Soybean Breeding MB 2016
Super Workshop Overview 2016
The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology

PCR Workshop
2016 PCR Workshop Agenda
2016 Use of PCR PCR WS
Basics of PCR- Final
Dnable 2016 PCR Workshop

PCR Websites:

ISTA Statistical Tools for Seed Testing
A collection of statistical programs and modules to assist seed analysts in their routine work, method development and validation.


2017 Annual Meeting Seed Technology Journal