Genetic Technology

Internet Resources for Genetic Technologists

The Library of Crop Technology Lesson Modules:
The modules present unbiased, research-based information focused on plant genetics, genetic engineering, and biochemistry. These lessons are composed of text enhanced with images, animations, a hyper-linked glossary and quizzes.
**** Access to the lessons is open, however you do need to login to take the quizzes.  Please contact Anita Hall for login information:

Molecular Genetics Resources:
DNA 101
This website provides basic information and definitions.  It covers the structure and function of DNA, nucleic acids, replication and transcription.

The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology

PCR Websites:

ISTA Statistical Tools for Seed Testing
A collection of statistical programs and modules to assist seed analysts in their routine work, method development and validation.


Committee Webpages:
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Consolidation Working Group

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